Amish made goodness!

Fresh made pickled items, jams and more!

The very best of tree ripened fruit jams, vegetables pickled to perfection and the best tasting salsa's around. One taste and you'll be wanting more!

Jams Price
Various Fruits flavors $7.00
Pickled Items Price
Asperagus $8.00
Beets (Tiny) $8.00
Brussell Sprouts, Dilled $8.00
Pickles, Bread & Butter Chips $8.00
Pickles, Dilled Garlic Chips $8.00
Pickles, Sweet Fire Bread & Butter Chips $8.00
Salsa! Price
Black Bean $8.00
Bean & Corn $8.00
Garden $8.00
Bacon & Pineapple $8.00
Fire Roasted $8.00
Garlic $8.00

*** Heat Index: Medium