Grass-fed, free range & hormone free!

Heart healthy Bison! Try it today

Start your day right with Bison!  We have everything from breakfast items, prime cut steaks, patties, sausages and more!  Need a healthy on the run snack?  Our bison snack sticks, jerky and Bison Trail Mix is the perfect choice!

Bison Flat Iron 10oz $18.00
Bison Butt Steak 10oz $18.00
Bison Sirloin 10oz $19.00
Bison Strip Steaks 10oz $19.00
Bison Rib Eye 10oz $21.00
Bison Flank steak $22.00/lb
Bison Filets 2-6oz $50.00
Bison Filet 2-8oz $60.00
Bison Stew Meat $19.00/lb
Bison Roasts - Chuck Eye, Sirloin or Tenderloin (Available upon request) TBA/lb
Bison Brisket TBA/lb
Bison Ribs $16.00/lb
Bison Tenderloin Tip TBA/lb
Ground Bison $17.00
Bison Patties (all sizes 1/2#, 1/3# 1/4# $18.00
Bison Meat Loaf 1.5# $25.00
Bison Brats (nf) $19.00
Bison Hot Dogs (nf) $19.00
Bison Bacon (nf) $19.00
Bison Breakfast Patties (nf) $19.00
Bison Breakfast Links (nf) $19.00
Bison Chili 2# tub $19.00
Pot Pies - Bison or Pheasant $26.00
Bison Trail Mix (nf) $7.00
Bison Snack Sticks (nf) / 6 sticks per package $14.00
Bison Jerky (nf) - Plain or Pepper $6.00
Bison Landjaeger Sticks (nf) $14.00
Bison Summer Sausage 8oz (nf) $13.00
Bison Summer Sausage 16oz (nf) $23.00
Bison Organ Meat (Tongue, Liver, Heart) $13.00/lb
Bison Ox Tail $19.00/lb
Bison Bone - Femur $7.00/lb
Bison Bone - Knuckles $9.00/lb

(nf) Nitrite Free products

Bison for your dog Price
Bison Liver & Heart Treats $7.00
Bison Bully Sticks $8.00
Bison Scapula $5.00
Bison Windies 3" $5.00
Bison Windies 6" $9.00
Bison Dog Food 1# chub $15.00

Our dog treats and chews are 100% chemical free!